What is Core SF?

At Core, we’re on a mission to find great people and to provide them with the core skills needed to help move San Francisco into the future. We work with people from all over the city in their neighborhoods, to provide training for the job skills needed to succeed in the tech industry. Our mobile labs provide training to San Francisco residents six hours a day at two different times throughout the day.

Core SF partners with tech companies around the city to determine which skills are in demand, ensuring that we’re always on top of the skills needed in San Francisco. Core SF Partners are able to select which skills they seek in a candidate adn through Core SF, are then able to be paired with candidates so that they’re able to fill positions.

What do members learn?

Customer Support

We’ll help you to learn the basics from the ground up. By setting down a rock solid understanding the basics of a computer is and what makes them tick, we’ll get you to a point where you can start to help others out. The first half of this program focuses on technical skills while the second half focuses on how you can communicate the things you’ve learned into terms that everyone can understand.

Internal Help Desk Support

Once you’ve completed our Customer Support program, you’ll be ready to move on to something a bit more advanced. Here you’ll learn some more advanced technical an trouble shooting skills that will help you succeed as an internal technical support engineer. You’ll learn how to trouble shoot corporate email services and programs (MS Outlook, Gmail for businesses) as wells a more hardware related issues. In addition to this we’ll start to lay the foundation for learning how to manage multiple devices.

Device Management

So now that you’ve learned the basics and a bit more you’re ready to move on to device management. Here you’ll learn how to setup different devices up and running quickly for use in business environments. Some skills you’ll learn are initial setup of devices, OS re-installs, VPN setup, security profile setup for mobile devices, and how to configure multiple devices at once.

Production Artist

As part of our production artists program we’ll help you learn about Adobe Creative Suite and help teach you skills that can prepare you to become a production artist to help designers and other creatives with tasks such as photo touch-up and manipulation, photography, mock-up building, Power Point and Keynote deck building, and a variety of other creative skills.

Front End Dev Intern

If you’ve ever had an interest in learning how to code, we can help you learn too. This program focuses on getting people to a point where they can enter a company as a front end development intern by teaching skills such as HTML and CSS basics, Javascript and JQuery, as well as learning how to work with frameworks such as Initialzr, Bootstrap, JQuery UI and more.

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